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It's never been easier to finance a luxury Infiniti

The strength of Infiniti cars lies in their advanced technology, exceptional comfort, and impressive build quality. It's time to discover uncompromising luxury. Infiniti South Edmonton makes it effortless to finance or lease a beautiful new or pre-owned Infiniti with competitive monthly payments.

Finance your Infiniti
in simple steps

Begin your driving journey today at Infiniti South Edmonton and fulfil your desire to own an Infiniti. All Infiniti sedans, coupes, crossovers, and SUVs possess:

  • Exceptional comfort and support 
  • Industry-renowned safety features
  • Big power, inspiring you to never strop driving. 
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Start your pre-approval today with our easy-to-use credit application. This information will help determine your financing options, monthly payments, and start your car-buying journey.

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Interest rates have an impact on your monthly loan or lease payment. Use our online calculator to see what an estimated payment would look like or to calculate what kind of payment can fit in your budget.

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The advantages of Infiniti South Edmonton financing

Let us get you the perfect financing or leasing deal for your lifestyle. You can pay for your Infiniti car or SUV by borrowing, leasing, or with cash in the form of a certified cheque or bank draft.

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Buying for the first time

You can qualify for financing on your very first Infiniti. If this is the first time you've bought a car, we'll get you approved quickly.

Bad credit car loans

If you're facing challenges with approval, Infiniti South Edmonton has solutions for almost every credit situation. Our financing tools and credit specialists will place you behind the wheel of you Infiniti of choice with an affordable auto loan.

Newcomers to Canada

Buying a new car is a great way to establish a credit score, and Infiniti South Edmonton can help you get credit for the first time. No need to wait any longer. A premier Infiniti is the perfect vehicle to explore Canada.

In-house financing

Infiniti South Edmonton offers in-house financing solutions designed to get you behind a luxury Infiniti soon. We report our loans monthly to the major credit rating suppliers in Canada so your creditors know you have a car loan in good standing.

Extensive range
of lenders

Our list of lenders includes:

ATB, Bank of Montreal, Infiniti Financial Services, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, Scotia Dealer Advantage, Servus Credit Union, Carfino, TD Canada Trust, WS Leasing, and Dominion Leasing.

Begin pre-approval

What do I need to
get approved?

Employment & income

As a general rule, you need to be at your current job for three months or more and make at least $1,800/month. Other forms of income (certain types of government assistance) may also be accepted.

Down payment

Putting $0 down is always an option, but typically a down payment will help getting approved. The larger the downpayment, the less you have to finance and the more likely the lender will be to approve your car loan.

Driver’s license

A valid driver’s license and being the age of majority in the province you live in is required.

Current address

You will need to provide the lender with your current address details, including your monthly rent or mortgage payment, to complete your loan documents.

Bank account

Lenders take car loan or lease payments directly from customer bank accounts. So bring along a void cheque or a stamped pre-authorized payment form containing your bank account details.

Contact details

Lenders will want to set up a recurring payment to be taken out of your account each month. To set this up, they will either need a void cheque or a standard pre-authorized payment form.

Infiniti Owner Loyalty Program

At Infiniti South Edmonton, loyalty has its rewards! When you renew your lease or loan the Infiniti Owner Loyalty Program gives you:

  • A rate reduction of up to 1.5%, or up to $3,000 Infiniti Loyalty Dollars
  • Available on all new and unregistered model year 2022 and 2023 Infiniti vehicles (excluding Fleet and daily rentals). 

You're eligible if you:

  • Are a current Infiniti and Nissan owner (including members of the same household, residing at the same address)
  • Are an Infiniti Financial Services (IFS) customer or Nissan Canada Finance (NCF) customer with an active IFS or NCF contract
  • Are a previous IFS or NCF customer whose previous IFS or NCF contract was concluded no more than six-months before the start date of your new IFS contract.

Infiniti Vehicle Savings Program

Big savings. Made easy

The Infiniti Vehicle Savings Program is here to offer big savings to all Infiniti employees, their family and friends, and to participating business associates!

If you’re eligible for this program, you can buy a new Infiniti vehicle below the market selling price. At Infiniti South, we’ll ensure you get the best pre-negotiated price with the most savings, and that you’ll have a great buying experience. 

Contact us today to see if you qualify for this program.

    Infiniti finance vehicle savings program
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    Infiniti FAQs

    What should I bring to my finance appointment?

    All buyers should bring:

    1. Valid government-issued drivers license
    2. Current paystub
    3. Void cheque

    Depending on the specifics of your purchase, you may be required to bring additional information. For a complete list of what you'll need to buy or trade in a vehicle with Go Auto, call the dealership ahead of time and speak with a Sales Consultant.

    Will I be approved?

    Four main factors determine whether you get approved for a car loan:

    1. Vehicle selection--Cost, age, and mileage
    2. Application information--Employment history, residence, and income
    3. Credit history--Information contained in your credit file
    4. Down payment--Total of cash and trade equity

    For the best chance of approval, and the lowest monthly payment possible, try to select a vehicle that fits your budget. Also, provide as large of a down payment as you can.

    How will my payments be calculated?

    Once you're approved for a car loan, three factors will affect your monthly payment (in order of importance):

    1. Amount financed
    2. Term or length of contract
    3. Annual percentage rate (APR)

    We offer competitive rates from a variety of finance companies to fit nearly every budget and credit profile. You can learn more about your personal finance options at any Go Auto dealership.

    What credit score do you need for Honda 0.9% financing?

    A credit rating of 760 or higher is considered excellent credit, which is what you need for low-interest borrowing, however, HFS doesn’t make its credit scores public. The good news is that we and the banks we work with sometimes have promotional finance offers. These include 0% finance, low-interest rates, cash-back offers, or price reductions. 

    Contact us at 780-483-4024 for details about current offers.  

    How do I budget for car payments?

    The guidance from most financial institutions is to spend no more than 15% of your gross monthly income on your car payment. For example, if you make $2,000 a month you should spend no more than $300 on your car payment.

    What is my credit score?

    Your credit score is a number that helps financial institutions predict the risk associated with your purchase of a car, house, credit card, etc. Typically, your credit score ranges from about 350 to 850, and is essentially meant to forecast how (and if) you will pay your bills. In general, the higher your credit score, the more likely you are to get approved for a car loan.

    The systems that generate your credit score look at your credit report, and take several factors into account when determining your credit score, including, for instance, your payment history, and the number of inquiries made on your credit report.

    How is my credit score calculated?

    Your credit score is a number that ranges from about 350 to 850. In general, the higher the number, the more likely you are to get approved for a car loan. The systems that generate your credit score look at your credit report and take several factors into account, including:

    • The timeliness of your payments, including late payments
    • The amount and type of debt you have
    • The number and age of your credit accounts
    • Inquiries created by applying for credit
    • Public records such as liens and judgments

    Should I finance or lease?

    Do you prefer to drive a new vehicle that will always be under warranty every few years? That's one advantage of leasing. Do you prefer to build up equity and drive one car for a long time? Then consider financing.

    There are all sorts of factors to consider when choosing between financing and leasing. Luckily, we have a team of finance experts who are Happy to Help you find the best option for you. Call 780-395-3575 or any Go Auto dealership to schedule a free consultation.

    Can I qualify for financing on my first vehicle?

    Of course. Many Go Auto customers qualify for financing on their first vehicle purchase.

    If a normal credit determination cannot be made based on your current credit history, you may still qualify for other programs, like those for recent college graduates.

    Stipulations for college students vary by finance company. Check with a finance professional at any of our Go Auto dealerships for more information.

    Can I swap from finance to lease for my Infiniti vehicle?

    Switching from a financed loan agreement to a lease is possible, but it’s more expensive than if you had selected leasing from purchase. If you finance your new Infiniti, and you’re in the middle of your loan, your vehicle is now considered a used vehicle and would now be required to be leased as a used vehicle. This means that you would not benefit from the higher residual values and lower rates as new vehicles would.

    Another option would be to trade in your financed vehicle and lease your next purchase. If you do opt to trade in your financed Infiniti, you will still be responsible for paying off the remainder of the loan. Our team of Finance Managers can outline your options and costs to ensure you’re making the right financial decision.

    If you elect to lease your vehicle at purchase, there are more options available for rolling it into a finance payment plan if you wish to own your vehicle instead of returning it at the end of your lease term.

    Does Infiniti offer balloon financing?

    Infiniti Finance Services does not currently offer balloon financing.

    Similar to leasing, balloon financing is where you only pay for a portion of the vehicle you will be using, resulting in lower monthly payments. With leasing, there is a residual value set at the end of the term, which is similar to the balloon value set in balloon financing.

    One of the main differences between lease and balloon financing is that 100% of the applicable taxes on the selling price of the vehicle are included in balloon financing. With lease tax, it’s only charged on your monthly payments and not on the total selling price of the vehicle.

    How do I transfer my lease to someone?

    To transfer your lease to someone, there are a few steps to follow.

    1. Contact the Infiniti South Edmonton to get the full details and paperwork required to transfer your car lease
    2. Confirm that there are no restrictions in place that would prevent you from transferring your lease. This could happen if you have outstanding payments or you’ve recently signed the lease
    3. Collect all the necessary paperwork like maintenance documents and your transfer paperwork so you have everything on hand
    4. Start advertising your vehicle on a lease takeover and set up meetings with potential buyers. We recommend having them meet you at Go Infiniti so the team can be available to help with the paperwork
    5. Buyers will have a number of steps as well including credit approval with Go Infiniti, filling out their side of the transfer paperwork, paying associated lease transfer fees, and getting insurance for the vehicle on the transfer is complete
    6. Confirm the lease transfer with the Go Infiniti team to ensure everything has been successfully completed. This will make sure that you’re removed as the guarantor and released from liability.

    How do I contact Infiniti Finance Canada?

    You can contact the Infiniti Customer Service Department by calling 1-800-268-0875 (Western Canada) or 1-800-565-2445 (Eastern Canada), Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

    [[dealerNmae]] is available to answer any questions you may have and can be reached at 780-395-3575.

    Who is liable for minor dents and scratches on my leased Infiniti?

    Minor dents and scratches that are normal wear and tear are allowed in your lease agreement. Anything beyond that is your responsibility, and you will need to pay for the costs as the lease owner.

    Six months prior to your lease maturity date, Infiniti Financial Services will mail you a detailed Wear and Tear guide. This guide will outline the set standards of what’s normal wear and tear and what would be considered excessive.

    If you’re still in doubt, schedule an appointment with Go Infiniti team to complete a more thorough assessment prior to your scheduled return date.

    Can I pay off my leased or financed Infiniti early?

    Yes, you can. For leased vehicles, there are extra fees to take into consideration for breaking the lease early. Should you choose to purchase your vehicle before the scheduled maturity date, the Early Termination Option fee and the unused security deposit are applicable, as well as the remaining payments (less the unearned interest), the residual value, plus all applicable taxes. For more information, contact Infiniti Finance by calling 1-800-268-0875 (Western Canada) or 1-800-565-2445 (Eastern Canada), Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

    Can I defer my monthly payments?

    Deferring monthly payments for your Infiniti may be possible. Please contact our Finance team to see if you are eligible for a payment extension.